Best Women Cycling Shoes


Cycling has exploded in popularity amongst women in the UK, from road racing to mountain biking.  Therefore, the market for women’s cycling shoes has expanded greatly in the last five years, giving a lot for brands to choose from. Cycling shoes are comprised of a compact design which equips a rider with support for their feet and enables them to put more effort on the pedals creating room for more power.

Since their discovery, researchers and scientists have come up with new types of these cycling shoes. Each company producing the women bike shoes, for example, muddy fox and Shimano has an aim of marketing and selling their product more than their competitors. These companies spend millions to modify their biking shoes to fit the demands of the consumers. One company must produce either the best or the worst shoe fitting to the market.

How the review was written

Amazon is a market platform that helps people, more so the female cyclist, to access different varieties of cycling shoes. Therefore we came up with up with a review to analyse and rank Amazon women cycling shoes. We went for research on the various biking shoes and held interviews with various users of the women biking shoes and the product expert so as to come up with our rankings.

This was to enable female users to understand different factors when choosing a type of cycling shoes and simplify their work when they are researching shoes. I hope this article and review will be an eye opener to your choice of cycling shoes. We want to help you compare the pros and cons of the shoes and provide a detailed research on the top women’s cycling shoes on Amazon.

Factors and benefits to consider when buying cycling shoes:
There are very many factors to consider and their benefits when buying the biking shoes. These factors include:
-The material used to make the shoe should be considered by the customer. This ensures the durability of the shoe when it is in use. Synthetic and mesh materials are the widely used materials by most of the companies.
-The additional cost that comes with buying the bike shoes is a factor to weigh down. Some biking shoes require the addition of cleats and this costs customer in these hard economic times.
-The comfort of the customer when using the shoe is also considered. Even if the shoes are supposed to be rigid and stiff they should be comfortable so that a biker can ride without stress of leg bruises.
-The weather condition of the place the shoe is being worn.

Cycling shoes are more comfortable than normal shoes.
Cycling shoes have mesh material which keeps customers feet from sweating.
Theys are firm on the pedals than normal shoes.
They are more durable than our normal sneaker.
They also reduce types of injuries by optimizing muscle alignment.

Cycling shoes are a bit expensive than normal trainers
Biking shoes are only for riding and not any other use especially walking
Some biking shoes are a little heavy and tiresome.

Muddyfox Womens TRI100 Ladies Cycling Shoes


Material used to make the shoe Mainly uses nylon and rubber Uses synthetic and mesh uses mesh, textile and synthetic. This  Muddyfox company product that is triple colored with black, white and purple colour and therefore an excellent choice for very many women around the UK. Apart from its unique colour it also has very unique shape.

Features and the benefits
The TR1I00 has a very pocket friendly price which i am sure will be comfortable for most of the women riders’ income in the UK.
The TRI100 are also waterproof, unlike all the other shoes and this enables the bike rider to comfortably ride in the rain and not get soggy shoes at the end of the ride.

The TRI100 has cushioned ankle collar and this ensures that the bike rider is comfortable throughout the journey or from morning to evening.
The TRI100 also has a mesh panel that promotes better air circulation in the shoe and therefore preventing sweating of the feet by the bike rider.

Advantages of TRI100
They are light weighted and easy to ride with
They are waterproof for rainy or watery conditions
They are multi coloured for women riders’ tastes
They are very comfortable

Disadvantages of TRI100
They need bike rider to buy cleats as extra
They require a bike rider to buy a bigger size almost two inches more

This TRI100 Muddyfox product gained a number position not only because of the colour but also because of its make. It has a waterproof feature that most of other shoes do not have.

Muddyfox women’s RBS100 ladies cycling shoes 

[easyazon_infoblock align=”center” identifier=”B00UN7684W” key=”image” locale=”UK” tag=”cyclodelic-21″]

RBS100 is a women’s cycling shoe that is silver and white in colour and has a very shapely heel. Silver would be the second choice for most women after a bright coloured shoe.

Features and benefits
A mesh ventilated technology which gives room for the shoe to breathe and the air to circulate therefore cooling the riders feet.
It has a cushioned ankle collar similar to the TRI100 which, provide an all-day comfortability for the bike rider and protects riders’ ankles.
It is relatively cheap and this gives a woman bike rider a chance to purchase the shoe within her pockets limit.
They have soles which are made of plastic. These are durable and provide the bike rider with a long time service.

Advantages of the RBS100 cycling shoes
They have a nice blend of colour for women’s taste
They are comfortable due to the cushioned ankle collars
They are equipped with mesh technology
They are durable
They are compatible with any spd cleats

Disadvantages of the RBS100 cycling shoes
They require additional expense of buying cleats
They need a bit of adjustment on the size order.

The only difference between the RBS100 and the TRI100 is that TRI100 has a more brightly coloured feature and this would be an advantage because we are dealing the female species who are more choosy on colours!!

Shimano women’s Sh-wr35 road biking shoes

For our rank 3 cycling shoe, we give it to the shinamo company sh-wr35. This is a women’s cycling shoe that has a white colour and a very sleek design that would attract any American lady. The shoes’ fitting size is a bit small and the order has to be made one inch longer.

Features and benefits of the sh-wr35 biking shoe
-The sh-wr35 women biking shoe had a triple set of straps which provide for a good fit without pressure point to keep the bike rider comfortable.
-The sh-wr35 biking shoe has an outsole made of glass fiber enforced rubber outsole which enhances durability and saves the customer from repairs and new purchases.
-The sh-wr35 is a light weighted shoe and this reduces the strain on the legs and ensures all the effort goes to the pedaling
-The sh-wr35 is also pocket friendly and quite affordable to many American ladies and this helps you as a woman save a lot during these hard economic times.

Advantages of the sh-wr35 women cycling shoe
-They are relatively cheap
-Good colour options
-They are light weighted than most of other cycling shoes
-They are durable due to the enforced glass fiber sole

Disadvantages of sh-wr35 cycling shoe
-Theyrequires for an extra purchase of metal cleats
-They require one to purchase a one inch longer size than their normal shoe size

BBB BWS-02B – HeavyDuty OSS Cycle Shoe Covers


A slightly different option is this boot cover, which will actually fit over any trainer. The BWS-02B is a very exclusive cycling shoe that is navy blue in colour and is equipped with 3mm thick synthetic material. This is according to their manufacturer the BBB Company. The purpose of the 3mm thick material is suitable for cold weather.

Features and benefits of BWS-02B
-One of the unique features is the 3mm synthetic material which keeps the shoe warm and suitable for the cold weather. This protects the rider feet from icy weather during the bike ride.
-It also has a zipper on the back of the shoe which enhances a stronger fit and security of the rider as they ride on the cold weather.
-Coming with cleat is what other shoes lack. This shoes comes with cleats and this saves the buyer the stress of spending extra cash on a pair of separate cleats.
-Cost friendly. They have a relatively low price tag and this favours most of the low income women bike riders in America.

Advantages of the BWS-02B cycling shoe
-It comes with cleats
-It is suitable for cold weather especially North parts of USA.
– It is relatively cheap
-It is strong and durable

Disadvantages of the BWS-02B
-Some customer terms it as a heavy cycling shoe.
-It cannot be used in hot areas eg the southern parts of USA.

Shimano unisex adults’ R065 road biking shoes

The main feature about the Shimano R065 is that it is unisex and therefore a lady will not have to worry whether it looks manly or it looks ladylike. The colour itself is neutral. It is glossy black with a hint of red on the sole.
Features and benefits of the Shimano R065 biking shoe
-t is flexible with SPD and SPD-SL cleat and this provides flexibility for the bike riders
-Its has dual hook and loop strap which provide for a comfort as well as a secure fit for the bike rider
-t has a mesh technology which gives the riders feet room to breath by allowing aeration to take place

-The synthetic material make up is durable and saves the bike rider time and money when searching for repairs or new shoes.
Advantages of the shimano R065-02B biking shoe
-It is unisex
-It has mesh technology for aeration
-It is durable
-They are stiff and compact for riding bicycles

Disadvantages of the shimano R065-02B
-They need additional cleats
-They are expensive for an average earning
This is a very smooth and sleek design that I would recommend for you as an American lady. Especially if you don’t feel sure about the type of cycling shoe that looks manly or womanly. Follow the links on the product and explore the product in the Amazon world.