Best Women’s Mountain Bike Glasses

Whether you’re looking to go mountain or road biking, sunglasses are a definite must-have for you. Mountain bike glasses do the vital job of protecting your eyes from bright sunshine, wind, UV rays, low branches, and trail debris. But with the wide variety on offer, choosing the right glasses can turn out to be an uphill task. The primary purpose of this post is to help you make the right decision. After some thorough research, we’ve compiled a list of the top three cycling glasses that your money can buy.

1) Rayzor Professional Cycling Sunglasses

+ Department: Unisex
+ Dimensions: 15.6×5.6×4.6cm
+ Lens Protection: UV400
+ Frame material: Polycarbonate plastic, Anti-Slip rubber
+ Package includes: Carrying case, Microfiber lens wiper
+ Warranty: 1 year

Are you still looking for long lasting cycling glasses that can do just about anything without getting damaged? Well, the Rayzor Professional is here to help you out. At around £14.95, I find this great travel glasses to be a bargain. That aside, this stylish and fashionable sunglasses will offer you all round eye protection. They are designed to protect your eyes from all UVA and UVB rays. And to make it even better, this biking sunglasses are also anti-glare, which means that the lens offers a unique filter system for protecting your sensitive eyes against intense UV light.

The Rayzor Professional is designed to fit comfortably with your helmet even if you get sweaty. The frame is made using unique polycarbonate plastic and rubber that enables the glasses to wrap around your face without falling. It’s so lightweight that you can hardly even remember that you have them on. And finally, you’ll get a microfiber pouch for securely carrying your glasses to your hiking, fishing, golfing, skiing, or any other sport that you may wish to partake on during a sunny day.

• Seamlessly fits with most faces
• Lightweight and comfortable
• Offers maximum protection
• Doesn’t scratch easily
• Stylish looks

• They are not adjustable

2) DUCO Polarized Sports Sunglasses

+ Department: Unisex
+ Lens protection: UV400
+ Dimensions: 22×13.4×6.8cm
+ Frame material: Polycarbonate plastic
+ Package includes: 5 lenses, hard protection box, glasses bag, cleaning cloth, safety strap
+ Warranty: Lifetime
+ 30-day money back guarantee

Only two words can describe this DUCO sunglasses; functionality and style. With these glasses, you can spend lots of your time outdoors combing the trails or enjoying your favorite match on your TV without worrying about your eyes. They offer total UV400 protection, hence keeping out UVB and UVA rays. Furthermore, the frame comes with 5 interchangeable lenses, with the Main Gray Lens offering reliable protection against sunlight. The remaining 4 are colored sunglasses, which can be used on different environmental conditions.

But if there’s one thing that I really like about this mountain bike glasses, it’s the 30-day money back guarantee together with the lifetime breakage warranty on both the frame and lens. This speaks volumes about the overall quality of the glasses, so there’s no risk to try here. And yes, its lightweight design makes it ideal for different outdoor activities. You can also fit in your shortsighted lenses on the inner frame. It just doesn’t get any better!


• lightweight and comfortable
• Comes with 5 sets of lenses
• Okay for the money
• A very nice case
• Versatile glasses

• Changing the lenses is a bit difficult
• Not good for smaller heads

3) UVEX SGL 204 Glasses

+ Construction material: Polycarbonate
+ Lens Color: Clear
+ Lens protection: UVA, UVB, and UVC
+ Size: One Size

If you’re not a fan of those tinted “commando” glasses, then the UVEX SGL 204 should sort you out. These glasses offer exceptional vision because they come with a wide field of view. The Decentered Lens technology guarantees distortion-free vision even with its extremely curved lenses. To add on that, the lens coating is impressively 18 layers thick, which enables the glasses to offer additional protection against infrared rays which are reflected.

Moving forward, the UVEX SGL 204 lenses are durable and scratchproof thanks to the robust polycarbonate material. The unique coating applied to the non-mirrored lenses offers maximum protection against scratches, hence keeping your view as clear as possible. Another thing, it comes with soft nose pads and earpieces for offering perfect grip without affecting your comfort. And lastly, the special surface coating on the lenses not only makes it easy to clean but also keeps away dust and dirt.


• Offers wide field of view
• Lightweight and comfortable
• Value for the money
• Durable and scratch-free construction
• Great night vision

• The arm’s rubber coating wears out fast
• Not the best for sunlight protection


Women’s Cycling Glasses Guide

Now that we’ve already given you the top three sunglasses to take on your mountain biking adventure, it’s now time to show you the features to look out for when selecting one on your own.

Comfort – This should be the rule number one when shopping around for any cycling apparel. The frames should be comfortable enough because you’re most likely to take them to longer rides. You should also search for sunglasses with larger lenses, which will give you a better field of view.

Lens Contrast – Don’t forget that the main reason why you’re shopping for cycling glasses is to keep off those harmful UV rays. That said, a lens with a higher contrast will offer you a better view enabling riders to react quicker. This way, you can avoid hitting rocks, roots, or even fellow cyclists, thus making your ride safer.

Shatterproof/Anti-scratch – This is another essential feature that will determine how often you wear your lenses. Anything from tree branches to small stones can mess up your lenses. Therefore, having that extra protection will keep you away from the store.

Tinted vs. Polarized Lenses – Tinted lenses are perfect for dampening glare and reducing brightness, whereas polarized lenses will eliminate glare without affecting your overall vision.

The Summing Up
Every time you go out for a ride, it’s advisable to wear sunglasses. They’re great at improving depth perception and contrast while at the same time offering protection against UV, flying debris, and glare. All in all, I’m pretty confident that with the above three options, you can get a style that perfectly suits you and your riding conditions.


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