Mountain Biking – Essential Clothing for women

There are specific clothes that you must wear when you go mountain biking. They provide a more comfortable ride even if you are going for road biking as well. With this said, there are different style approach to mountain biking that dictates the kind of clothing that you will choose.

Womens MTB Shorts

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There is a wide range of options available for mountain bikers, especially when it comes to shorts. It ranges from the form-fitting fashion, which is usually worn by the cross-country racers, to the baggy ones that appear more casual and offer more durability and coverage for snags on the trail. These come equipped with an inner lining with padded chamois that aids in reducing the saddle fatigue. It also reduces the trail impact as well.

Womens MTB Jersey

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In the same way that you choose the shorts, the jerseys come in a wide range from the casual looking to the form-fitting styles. It doesn’t matter which fit you are aiming for. What matters here is that you choose something that dries quickly whenever you sweat a lot. You also want something that you can quickly wash and dry without putting too much effort. If you are planning to carry with you a backpack, you don’t need to choose a jersey with a lot of pockets. You only have to go for that option if you opt for a smaller bag.

Womens MTB Gloves

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Some beginners do not consider getting their pair of gloves, but you will find its importance high when you start biking in different trails. You will be surprised on how much a pair of good gloves reduces the wrist and hand fatigue. If you are to get a pair, make sure you choose one that has a good padding right at the palm. The full-fingered gloves will keep the hands warmer and will even offer some texture in between the fingers, the gear shifters, and the brakes. Both the full-fingered and fingerless gloves protect in an unforeseen event of a crash takes place.

Womens MTB Shoes

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Any shoes will do when riding a bike. Some would even go for slippers. However, to those that have been in the biking scene for very long, they know how important it is to invest a good pair of biking shoes. The shoes that are designed for biking is different from the typical shoes athletes wear. They come with stiffer soles to give more transfer of efficient energy when you pedal.

The cycling shoes are mostly paired with a pedal compatible with it for the feet to hold firmly and securely on the bike. One of the most popular options for this is the clipless shoe-pedal wherein it provides unmatched control, and only a minimum energy is lost when you pedal.
So far, these are the only things that you need to wear when you go for a long ride in the mountains. Just make sure you give enough time when you choose the right clothes and pair of shoes to wear as this will effect the comfort of your ride.