MTB Buying Tips

Soon after researching more and getting to know about mountain bikes, you get more and more drawn to it, and you finally come to a decision where you finally decided to buy your dream mountain bike. But, before making such a swift move, there are things you need to consider on before really buying it.

Now, first thing’s first. You need to come up with the price range or price bracket of mountain bikes which suit your taste and more significantly, which suit to your budget. Modern bikes can cost as much as ten thousand dollars, and while yes, these bikes are considered to be super cool, there are as well bikes which cost way too less than that. All you need to do is to be more patient to look for that and to be more vigilant to find that ‘one.’

Better know yourself first. Know what enjoys you most. Are you type who loves adventure so much? Or you’re the mild one? Be realistic and practical with your approach for this is a crucial part of finding the right mountain bike for you. Is it a Cross Country bike you’re looking for? The one best perform on cross-country terrain, with these type of bikes which are lightweight. The 29ers or 29-inch wheel bikes dominate this category although 27.5 inches are as well gaining popularity nowadays. Or could it be the trail mountain bikes? The common trail riding mantra which never lets you down but gets you at the top at your own pace. You can have fun with it by inviting your friends for a race on the downhill. Or it can be the mixed of it?

When you’re already done with the design, the type, your preferred use, the budget which you can afford and willing to spend for your dream mountain bikes, then we are all set. Now, take a second before handing over your money to the salesperson who’s doing the job to talk you out and convince you that theirs is the perfect bike for you. Once more, take a research on the things you needed to know when buying a new bike and its difference when you’re buying old or used ones.
When buying new ones, make sure to be clear about the terms of warranty that comes with the bike and make things clear if the warranty starts right after you purchased it or if it starts thirty to ninety days after purchasing it because there are some shops which have this kind of setup. On the other hand, when purchasing an older one, it can be a used one from a friend or an online shop make sure to inspect the mountain bikes and its parts personally for breakage, damages and other concerns. Make sure that the suspension is smooth, it doesn’t squeak or has any sign of weakness or leak.

After making sure that all is well, then all that is left to do is to grab that thing and get the ride on and find the adventures of your life!