Muddyfox Womens Synergy Mountain Bike Review

Muddyfox Womens Synergy Mountain Bike


Muddyfox Womens Synergy Mountain Bike

For over 20 years now, Muddyfox has cemented their place as one of the best mountain bike manufacturers in the UK. That aside, their women’s models are known to offer female-specific features such as narrow handlebars and shorter cranks to make your rides as comfortable as possible. So if you’re thinking about purchasing a lady’s mountain bike, you should read on to find out why Muddyfox Womens Synergy Mountain Bike should be your go-to option.

+ Frame size: 19”
+ Gender: Ladies
+ Gears: Shimano 18-speed, Revoshift shifters
+ Tires: 26” x 1.95 ATB Thread
+ Brake type: Linear pull
+ Wheels: 26” alloy
+ Handlebars: Steel
+ Recommended age: 12 and over
+ MTB Saddle with Bumpers

Steel frames are famous for their comfort, durability, and strength. That being said, the Teal and White steel alloy frame is undoubtedly the real deal. The down tube is well-built to offer enough stiffness at the pedaling center/bottom bracket. However, it would have been better if they would have used aluminum or carbon fiber. This is because steel is not the lightest material out there and will undoubtedly add to your bike’s weight. But considering the price tag of around £105, there’s really nothing to complain about here.

Wheel Size
Muddyfox Womens SynergyAlthough 29” wheels are popular among most cross-country riders, 26” wheels will work just fine. In this case, the 26” alloy wheels are sturdily built to resist deformation from impact. The wheels are good at handling hard drop-offs or even crashes. In addition to that, these wheels will give you improved maneuverability, which is a significant plus for technical riders. Let’s not forget that the wheels are also fitted with 26”x195 tires that offer enough traction even with minimal pressure.

Again, this is one area that we didn’t expect much from Muddyfox considering the bike’s competitive price tag. That aside, this mountain bike comes fitted with lightweight rim brakes, where the rim acts as the brake disc. In this case, the clamping force when braking is much lighter because the brake disc/wheel offers a broader diameter. In short, the v-brakes are great for controlling speed on long, downhill runs. However, you should be careful during wet seasons as the bike might be slow to decelerate. This delay is because the brake pad has to displace the road grime and water from the rim to get sufficient contact and friction.

If there’s one feature that’s really disappointing about this MTB, then it’s the lack of fork suspension that adds zero control. However, it’s generally clank-free, so it picks up speed pretty fast. My best advice is that you keep it relatively grounded and it will go where you point it. Just be prepared to absorb the vibrations if you’re planning to ride over rough terrains.

The 18 speed Shimano gears that come with Revoshift shifters are reasonably smooth and crisp. However, the front chainset isn’t precisely that slick, so you’ll need to plan ahead of your climbs. All in all, the fact that these gears are from Shimano alone should make you feel confident about this bike’s climbing ability. They are not highend gears, but are still decent.

The Muddyfox womens Synergy mountain bike comes fully ready to ride thanks to the included MTB saddle with bumpers for preventing bum soreness. This mountain bike’s seat is also thin and has some padding to allow you full movement as well as prevent chafing as you explore the trails.

The Synergy is a good-looking bike that offers more control on your rides than most of its peers out there. The gear is also decent enough for its current selling price. You’ll get adequate mud room, which should come in handy during the wet seasons and you can also fit in bigger tires.


• Bargain for the price
• Easy to assemble
• Quality and durable construction materials
• Great Shimano gears

• Unreliable braking system
• No suspension support


Muddyfox Womens Synergy MTB – Final Thoughts

Let’s face it; there is no specific female body shape, feature, or geometry tweak that differentiates lady’s bikes from unisex or men’s bikes. But the consensus is that women are shorter and lighter than an average man. Some companies like Santa Cruz and Yeti think otherwise, though, as they claim that a great bike should be perfect for both male and female riders.

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The Muddyfox Synergy is a female-specific mountain bike that comes with a shorter crank, women-specific-saddle, and narrower handlebar. However, if you’re looking to take your riding to a professional level, I think you should look elsewhere for a better option. Just keep in mind that you get what you pay for when purchasing mountain bikes.