SRAM XX1 Eagle Dub 6-Piece Gold Groupset Review

The SRAM XX1 Eagle Groupset is among the firm’s high-end groupsets for a mountain bike. SRAM’s weather ignorance, palpable efficiency, and smooth shifting performance make this groupset the most compelling option. This set offers long-lasting durability despite several hours of trail racing and riding. SRAM’s gold anodized XX1 Eagle groupset will still shine brighter than other XC gear sets.

To build the most subtle driveterrain, SRAM re-engineered and re-examined this device’s crankset design. The crankset is �carbon-tuned’ and is the lightest, most reliable, and stiffest in the market. SRAM XX1 Eagle moreover has a DUB technology which simplifies bottom bracket and spindle relationship and also redefines the durability measure. If you prefer the prestige that comes with the gold status of the Eagle XX1, you will find this bike to be worth your hard-earned cash.

SRAM XX1 Eagle Features

Gold Cassette

This 12-speed cassette features a small 10Tsprocket on one side and a large 50T on the other side. Moreover, it boasts of a gear range of 500 percent. The initial 11 sprockets of this gold cassette are designed using a single steel piece. It is then hollowed to provide an airy, hollow, and light cassette body.

The cassette then receives the largest 50T sprocket at the top that is made using aluminum and delivers a backward curve on over the wheel’s spokes.


The chainset is an excellent piece of work. It sports carbon crank arms and the single ring attached to them. The chainring appears purposeful and cut off to minimize material where possible. Its hollow cranks arms are light and reliable. The chainring has a careful design that maintains a tight hold on a chain when in motion and also easily releases at the ring’s bottom, thus reducing drag as well as noise.

The XX1 SRAM Eagle cranks are in the DUB format, the 29mm-diameter axle that is stiffer and lighter than the GXP axle. The DUB format is compatible with all the critical bottom shell formats.


SRAM XX1 Eagle back derailleur is enormous and has large jockey wheels. The bottom jockey wheel sports a narrow-broad profile for maintaining a smooth chain run. Furthermore, the clutch system has a non-adjustable increased tension. You will also find plastic equipment to assist in adjusting your B-tension screw to a nice position. The entire mechanism looks excellent, especially with the black and gold accents on every part.

Trigger shifter

The Eagle XX1 shifters are updated to support the 12th gear. You will also find the familiar SRAM trigger shifter. However, the compatible twist shifter is also available.

SRAM XX1 Eagle Performance

SRAM’s Eagle XX1 lever action is both positive and crisp, and the shift speed through the cassette is quick and can jump across five gears at a go. Going down to a harder gear will only require a single push. If you ride on the outdoors regularly, then the gear jumps and ratios of the cassette will perfectly suit your habit. However, the trick to achieving the most from the XX1 is selecting the right chainring to pair with it.

The SRAM Eagle XX1 also sports excellent chain retention. The trick lies with the ring’s superior alternating profiles of the tooth; one with the massively stepped and thicker shape, and another with a more standard appearing tooth. When you view from the top, the alternating tall teeth blend with the interior profile of the female and male chain links. Its radical teeth function with the Eagle XX1- particular chain to reduce the chances of lifting as well as off of your ring.


Even with prolonged use on the rough terrain, this group can withstand the vagaries of nature for a long time. The wear rate of the ring is slower than the triple or double ring set-up which divide the work.


-Great feel of efficiency
-Seamless shift on a wide range




The Eagle XX1 is among the most preferred and innovative items and offers impressive durability. The performance of the group makes a great deal of sense to almost all mountain bikes. Moreover, with this groupset, you can select the trigger shifting or grip shifting. Furthermore, the X-sync teeth profile allows drop-free performance minus the chain guide.