Top Mountain Bike Brands


What were the first mountain bike brands? The first mountain bikes were ridden in 1976, but they weren’t mass produced until 1981 by Specialized. There are various companies that were innovators when the MTB industry started including the following ones:

1. Cannondale
Cannondale is an American division of a Canadian company that supplies bikes. The company’s bikes have received high marks for things like shifting, quality, etc. It’s also been praised for things like the seat adjustment feature, which often includes just pressing a button. This makes the process easier since you won’t have to get off the bike before adjusting the seat. This provides more convenience, which is always a plus when picking MTBs.

2. Specialized
This company became famous when it started mass-producing mountain bikes in the early 1980s. Besides its bikes the company has also become quite famous for its MTB components. This major American brand is easily one of the most famous MTB bike/parts manufacturers in the world.

In fact, fans of specialized bikes have argued it’s one of the best mountain bike companies in the world. The company has become famous for its models like the Stumpjumper and Rockhopper. MTB fans of all levels can appreciate Specialized bikes. However, it can be especially valued by experts who can observe the various qualities that Specialized bikes have to offer.

3. Santa Cruz
This isn’t just a California city but also the manufacture of high-quality mountain bikes. The team also sponsors a down-hill racing team. In fact, many fans of the brand even argue it’s the best brand of mountain bikes on the market. The company has also been praised for manufacturing bikes in the US and only producing mountain bikes. There are, in fact, only a few companies that meet both these criteria.

4. Trek
This is a major bike/cycling company. It distributes various brand names including Trek and others. If you’re interested in purchasing one of the umbrella company’s bikes you should also research some of the other brands so you can pick one that suits your needs. The company’s bikes have received high marks.

One of the main plusses the bike has received is it durability. In fact, Trek bikes often don’t require many replacement parts except for tires, brakes, etc. in fact, some people have observed that while other manufacturers’ bikes tend to crack somewhat easily that’s not the case with Trek bikes. In fact, the MTBs’ durability has caused the bikes to often get high marks. Some people have even argued that Trek is the best MTB manufacturer in the world.

5. Giant
This Isa Taiwanese company that produces bicycles. It’s considered to be one of the biggest bicycle producers in the world. The company produces high-quality bikes but the price tags are quite steep. Still, the quality of the bikes is quite high in terms of comfort, maintenance, etc. Customers to buy Giant bikes often keep purchasing units from the company because they’re happy about various features. While the prices are high, it’s still one of the industry’s top MTB manufacturers.